There were many changes made to L.J Smith’s The Vampire Diaries books when it was adapted into a television series. The show was written for television by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson and, although many characters from the books featured in the small-screen adaptation, big changes were made that altered the overall story.

The show’s differences set it apart from the books and tell a different but equally compelling story but, although the two adaptations are very different, there are still some similarities between the books and the show. Here are some things that were changed from The Vampire Diaries book series and some things that stayed the same.

Tyler’s Character

Tyler walking in the woods during daylight in The Vampire Diaries

Fans of the books are aware that Tyler was never meant to be a main character. Besides his last name change, the show’s creators decided to make Tyler part of the main cast. This meant giving him a much more detailed and amped-up storyline than what was seen in the books – like becoming a hybrid.

There was one major change that needs to be made about Tyler to make him worthy for the small screen. The books portray Tyler as a much more aggressive and predator-like character who even makes a forceful advance at Elena. This Tyler wouldn’t work for the show, so it was one of the better changes.

Elena’s Angel Storyline

Elena leaning against doorframe in The Vampire Diaries

The show made some tweaks to Elena’s story but ultimately cut out a huge chunk of her journey. The show never included the celestial, meaning they didn’t include the existence of angels. In the book series, Elena appears as a guardian angel to save Stefan, Bonnie, and the others.

After doing what she had to, Stefan screams in agony over their separation once again. Elena then finds herself dropped on the ground and brought back to life. This storyline had no real purpose in the grander scheme of the show though.

Elena Gilbert’s Physical Appearance

Show Elena sitting by window in The Vampire Diaries, Elena book cover

Elena Gilbert is played by Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries. Her character has long brown hair and olive skin, though Elena in the books is described as the polar opposite to her show counterpart.

In the books, Elena has pale blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She still shares a strong resemblance to Katherine although the two are not completely identical. Katherine’s hair is a few shades darker than Elena’s and Elena is much taller.

Katherine’s Name And Backstory

Katherine Pierce is one of The Vampire Diaries’ most iconic characters. The sire of Stefan and Damon Salvatore, Katherine became a vampire over five hundred years ago and spent the next five centuries fleeing from Klaus Mikaelson.

Katherine’s book counterpart is much different. Her full name is Katherine von Swartzchild and she was a young German girl who was turned into a vampire by Klaus unwillingly before she meets and sires the Salvatore brothers.

Meredith Fell Aka Sulez

Meredith Fell is a minor character in The Vampire Diaries. She first appeared in the third season of the show as a doctor at the hospital in Mystic Falls and takes an interest in Alaric. Meredith and Alaric were romantically involved for a brief period, before Alaric’s descent into darkness drove them apart.

Meredith has a much bigger role in the books. Her full name is Meredith Sulez and she is one of Elena’s best friends. Meredith has a vital role in the group and is one of the only characters to resist Damon’s charm.

The Name Of The Town

In The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert and her friends live in the small town of Mystic Falls in Virginia. The Salvatore brothers originally lived in the same town during the 1800s and, over a thousand years before that, the Original family settled there and became vampires.

In the book series, Elena and her friends live in a picturesque town called Fell’s Church in southern Virginia. It unconsciously attracts supernatural creatures such as witches and werewolves due to the several lines of crossed energy running through the town.

Elena’s Siblings

One of Elena’s strongest and most defining relationships in the television series is with her younger brother Jeremy. After the death of their parents, Elena and Jeremy live with their aunt Jenna until her death in season two, with Elena taking guardianship of her brother afterward.

Jeremy Gilbert does not exist in the books. Instead, Elena has a younger sister named Margaret who is only a young child and has a minor role in the series. Margaret is said to share a strong resemblance to her older sister.

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