So many different things happened in The Vampire Diaries that it can be hard to keep track of them all. The supernatural drama went on for an impressive eight seasons and was packed full of stories until the very end. One of the most notable aspects of the show is its one-liners, and while many of them are funny, some are also heartfelt.

Because of how much material the show provides, it’s easy for fans to forget about certain things and pay more attention to others. There are plenty of underrated quotes in The Vampire Diaries that were either forgotten or lost in the series’s chaos.

“Trust Is Earned. I Can’t Just Magically Hand It Over.”

Nina Dobrev as Elena in season 2 of The Vampire Diaries

When Stefan asked Elena to trust him at the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, she was right for not doing so. Even if Stefan was just trying to protect everyone in the grand scheme of things, he lied to Elena every day.

They had only known each other for a short time, and Stefan hadn’t proven that she could trust him. This line isn’t only underrated in the show, but it’s also great life advice. Elena had no obligation to put her faith in someone who hadn’t shown they were worthy of it.

“You Are Not Even Worth The Calories I Burn Talking To You.”

Most viewers find Damon to be the funniest character in the series, but Caroline could give him a run for his money. While Damon purposely makes sarcastic comments, everything Caroline says is natural.

She doesn’t have a filter, which means that every comment she makes is how she really feels. When Caroline got into an argument with Klaus, she was completely serious when she said talking to him wasn’t worth the calories.

“I Think I Still Need To Be Drunk To Understand This Story.”

Stefan is the brooding brother who takes everything a bit too seriously. His diary entries are often so dramatic that other characters make fun of him for it, and it’s rare to see him crack a smile with anyone other than Elena or Caroline.

But Stefan reveals that he has some sass in him as the series goes on, and his dry sense of humor is comedic in its own way. The show acknowledges that the flashbacks about travelers and magic trees are a bit wild by having Stefan pour himself a drink to prepare.

“I Saw That Coming From A Mile Away And My Brain’s Made Of Cotton!”

When Damon was forced to return home without Bonnie, her teddy bear was what told him she was still alive. In a hilarious scene, he clung to the stuffed animal and even spoke as him to make fun of Stefan.

After Stefan realized Caroline had feelings for him, things got a bit complicated. But it was obvious to everyone else that Caroline had been crushing on him for quite some time. Following Damon’s mockery, Alaric says, “See Stefan? Even the bear knew.”

“There’s Always A Choice. Whenever You Make One, Someone Else Suffers.”

Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries.

Bonnie knows better than anyone that consequences come with every choice a person makes. However, she’s usually the one who suffers the most from other people’s decisions. Damon tried to say he had no choice when he killed Bonnie’s mom, when the truth of the matter is, he chose to protect Elena.

It’s not the first time Damon’s decisions hurt Bonnie, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. Damon decides to desiccate until Elena wakes up, knowing that he would never see his best friend again. Plenty of the characters in the show like to blame their decisions on a lack of choice when it’s really an oxymoron.

“I’ve Become My Worst Nightmare. The Authority Figure.”

Because Jenna was killed off so early in the show, she doesn’t have as many note-worthy quotes as the rest of the characters. However, she was among the funniest of them all, and her one-liners deserve more praise than they get.

Jenna went from being a grad student partying in her 20s to a parent responsible for two teenagers. It’s a hard transition for anyone to make, especially when Jenna hated authority figures, but Jenna put her best foot forward to take care of Elena and Jeremy.

“No One Tells Me How I Live My Life. No One Tells Me Who I Love.”

Damon Salvatore stares off

Damon’s best quotes weren’t all fun and games. He, surprisingly, turned out to be one of the deepest characters in the show. His love was so strong that there were points when it was detrimental.

When a prophecy states that Damon and Elena are doomed, Damon puts his foot down. Damon has always been one to blaze his own trail, and he had no intention of stopping. It was a good reminder that the characters are more than capable of taking control of their lives.

“She Could Use A Nap. It Must Be Exhausting Trying To Be Me.”

To be fair, Katherine’s arrogance is somewhat justified. She’s always one step ahead of her enemies, and she’s even outsmarted the oldest vampire in the history of time.

Katherine became a fan-favorite character because of her sass and confidence, and she was much more than meets the eye. Elena tries to pose as Katherine, but Elijah sees right through her. Alternatively, Katherine has pretended to be Elena countless times and always managed to pull it off.

“It’s An Antique, Damon. Like You.”

Elena Gilbert

Elena had more of a sense of humor than people give her credit for. Her banter with Damon was more light-hearted than hostile, and while he makes most of the jokes, Elena has plenty of smart quips in return.

Elena was clinging onto Stefan, even after he left town, to help Klaus make hybrids. When Damon makes fun of Stefan’s necklace, she doesn’t miss the opportunity to clap back. As they often say, it’s funny because it’s true.

“What Do You Want From Me? A Secret Brotherhood Handshake?”

Klaus and Stefan had a love/hate relationship. There was no telling whether they would kill each other or go downtown and get a drink like old friends. Klaus tried to prove his loyalty to his frenemy, but Stefan isn’t the trusting type.

Klaus’s sarcastic offer to create a secret brotherhood handshake is something Stefan should have taken him up on. Because of how confusing their dynamic is, it wouldn’t be the oddest thing about their relationship.

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